Application of colloidal silica

Time: 2018-05-11

Application of silica sol in various industries

Precision Casting

Colloidal silica is an excellent binder in precision casting, surface and back coating of the shell thanks to its low contractility, good cohesiveness and high temperature tolerance.

Surface layer colloidal silica HS-830 enhance the degree of finish of surface and improve high temperature resistance capacity so as to increase the one-pass rate of finished products and reduce the working time and the cost of sand cleaning.

Back layer colloidal silica HS-1430 greatly increase the efficiency of shell-making and the stability of shell quality, is suitable to be applied in automatic shell production line so that shorten working time and save cost.

Our colloidal silica HSKP-27 and HSKP-30 accelerate the drying and falling rate of the shell, facilitate low residue and high rate of finished products.

Paper Manufacturing

Colloidal silica, thanks to its large specific surface area and strong reactivity, chemical bonding with cation surfactant and pulp fiber, is a significantly component in the “wet end” of paper manufacturing, act as retention and drainage aid, enhance the retention rate of cellulose fiber and improves water drainage.

Small particle size colloidal silica as the additives painted over to the white board can prevent it  from penetrating water.

Sensitive paper processed by sensitive solution mixed with colloidal silica, the surface of the paper  filled with silicon dioxide is more smooth, image is more bright and distinct, exposure ranges is increased.

The color of photographic paper will be more fixed after processing by colloidal silica.

blueprint paper, copy paper and the coating of offset print treated with colloidal silica, their surface is smoother, image is clear and  contrast ratio is enhanced

Colloidal silica replace the clay, talcum powder and coating of silica powder when making carbonless paper, which facilitate its color brightness.

Artificial fiber, plastic films and cellophane tend to be sticky in summer, if they processed by colloidal silica mixing with glycerin, the problem can be solved.

The surface of kraft paper, corrugated paper and cement bag processed by colloidal silica, coefficients of friction increased, anti-slip in transport and stack, moisture-proof enhanced as well.

The perforated paper used in the electronic computer, after being coated with colloidal silica, results in its surface with high stability, anti-slip and good printability.


Textile and Fabric

Colloidal silica with wook lubricating oil used in wool and rabbit hair, increase their cohesive force improve spinnability, reduce broken-end/breakage, prevent flyings.

Colloidal silica added into the textile resin, make the yarn anti-slip, fabric stiff and dry, sheen controllable.

The addition of colloidal silica to the sizing agent of warp yarn can improve its adhesion, easy to form membrane, save sizing agent, shorten the drying time.

Colloidal silica added to starch glue to treat the fabrics such as carpet make it anti-slip, dust-proof,prevent static electricity and dust.

Surface heat resistance of the inorganic fiber can be increased by colloidal silica.

The nylon rope processed with colloidal silica can increase the friction between the monofilament, anti-slip and reduce elongation. The nylon yarns immersed in 5% colloidal silica woven into socks can reduce rags.

The bedding made of synthetic fibers is easy to slip. If the fiber of the bedding processed with colloidal silica, it will be more fluffy, resilient and anti-slip.

Chemical fiber processed with colloidal silica can get the delustering effect.

Colloidal silica can be used in fabric dyeing because of its cohesiveness, which can form an excellent protective solution, facilitate the dye adhere to the surface of the fabric increasing its uniformity and fastness and preventing aggregation.

Colloidal silica can firm the network cloth of fabrics made of viscose fiber, acetate fiber, polyester and polypropylene, etc.

Textiles and knitwear processed with colloidal silica, hardness, compactness,texture,dimensional stability and elastic recovery rate will be enhanced, besides, have the advantages of delustering,anti-slip, wear-resistant, washable,stain resistance,anti-static and so on.



Small particle size colloidal silica, due to its colloidal particles and contact points increase rapidly comparing to other silica sols in equivalent amount, so it has strong cohesiveness, which can enhance the strength of film and spreadability and be widely applied in high-grade and special coatings.

Neutral and ammonia colloidal silica can be used in waterborne coating, natural stone coating and emulsion, greatly enhancing their compatibility with emulsions for architectural coatings.

Colloidal silica can prevent dry coating from falling sand off.

The decoration items made of chemical fiber processed by colloidal silica is anti-static and stain resistance, prevent dust in the air from adhering.

The fine SiO2 particles of colloidal silica adhere to the wax film on the floor, which makes the floor anti-slip, and its glossiness is unaffected.

Colloidal silica, as the aqueous solution of silicon dioxide, can be used as base material of waterborne coatings, is more environmental.

Colloidal silica is the binder and film former of structural coatings of inorganic polymer, has good permeability in concrete and cement mortar. After permeating, coatings firmly adhered to wall when particles expanding, which greatly enhance its hardness and reducibility as well as water resistance,weather resistance, high temperature resistance, stain resistance, acid resistance,alkali resistance, brightness and fadeless.



Colloidal silica, thanks to its small particle size, large specific surface area, appropriate pore volume, pore size and pore distribution, can be used as the catalyst carrier in petrochemicals, molecular sieves and medicine to enhance the activity of catalyst, speed up the catalysis and production efficiency, without by-products and salts. 

Taking colloidal silica as the carrier of catalyst will improve recovery of aryl cyanide when producing it.  

HS-40 colloidal silica as catalyst carrier of acrylonitrile applied to production of acrylonitrile improving its recovery.

The addition of the colloidal silica to the hydrocracking catalyst of multicomponent molecular sieve  increase the activity of hydrocracking and selectivity of the cracked product.

Colloidal silica can be used for the production of maleic anhydride by benzene oxidation, the synthesis of methyl methacrylate,  the chlorination of hydrocarbon and the dehydrogenation of alcohol.


Beverage Adsorbent

Colloidal silica has small particle size, large specific surface area, non-toxic, tasteless and good adsorbability, is excellent water purifying agent, which mixed with aluminum sulfate can agglomerate and remove metal salts and suspended impurity in water. As clarifying agent, colloidal silica can adsorb various impurities in juice, beer, soy sauce and other products, enhance clarity, prevent precipitate and microorganism. Besides, it will not effect the color, fragrance and taste. Colloidal silica is harmless and anti-cancer to human body.



Normal series colloidal silica HS-830 and HS-1430, thanks to their particle size is evenly and moderate about 7-20nm, non-toxic, can be widely applied in cosmetics, such as liquid foundation, powder cake and so on.


Storage Battery

Sulfuric acid, the electrolyte of storage battery, is easy to be overflowed when vehicles turning. Added some colloidal silica, sulfuric acid will generate conductive gel electrolyte, which prevent sulfuric acid from overflowing, reduce pollution and extend battery life.


Refractory Additive

Colloidal silica has good cohesiveness, thermal shock resistance and chemical inertness as well as high temperature tolerance up to 1600 °C, can be used as binder in refractory and thermal insulation materials,etc enhancing their tolerance to high temperature and thermal shock, increasing the product's strength and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

When making the insulation quilt of ceramic stove, colloidal silica as binder, aluminum silicate fiber felt impregnated with it, adding coagulant, which makes ceramic stove heat preservation and thermal insulation.

Cookwares added with colloidal silica perform nonflammable, smoke-free, environmental friendly.

When making the magnetic core of transformer, colloidal silica as binder sticking the silicon steel sheets together, which makes it insulated and heat resisting.

Silicon steels added with a certain quantity of colloidal silica, its appearance, insulating property, heat resisting property and magnetism will be improved, thermal expansion coefficient will be depressed as well. 


Grinding & Polishing

Colloidal silica can be used as chemical and mechanical polishing slurry in electronics, metals, glasses, mirrors, ceramics, silicon wafers, semiconductor materials, due to its good ball structure, relatively hard structure and pure quality.

Big particle size colloidal silica can be applied in outer parts polishing of computer, communication, consumer electronics, as well as microelectronics, photoelectron, optic, metal and sapphire polishing.

HS-1430 colloidal silica make the ceramics tiles brightening and antifouling, dustproof for the tiels surface.



Natural rubber and most of synthetic rubbers, such as styrene butadiene rubber, neoprene latex and mixing rubber can be reinforced by colloidal silica. For a certain volume of rubber, 20% of the rubber can be saved because of the increased elasticity. 

2.5% colloidal silica added to the dry rubber strengthen by 20% of the multihole air-foam rubber. 


Civil Engineering

Colloidal silica can be used as grouting material for construction of subgrade, pier, floor, dock and others.It plays the role of shockproof and waterproof, increases the strength and wear resistance of the building and prolong the service life.

Adding colloidal silica to cement slurry promote coagulation, so that cement still works well in dreadful weather.



1.Pharmaceutical materials

2.Facilitate soap curing.

3.Colloidal silica as the binder of coating of XIR(extreme infrared) radiation is heat resisting, its radiation is unaffected as well.

4.Carbon products treated with colloidal silica can reduce loss due to surface oxidation.

5.A little colloidal silica added to fuel oil can prevent ash from assembling on the diesel engine.

6.When producing enamel, the addition of colloidal silica can reduce coefficient of expansion so that improve adhesiveness of tetrafluoroethylene.

7.Colloidal silica is superior dispersant and absorbent of printing ink, taking it as basic ingredient of pigment in the coating of ink jet obtain good printed definition and optical density, accelerate ink drying rate and greatly reduce binder consumption.

8.Adding colloidal silica improve the performance of foam to generate more stable wet foam when beating. 

9.Adding colloidal silica to sizing agent consisting of malt pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp and so on. After sizing agent melting, heat press to molding, when PH scale up to 9, colloidal silica will permeate and expand in aperture of inner and outer surface of paper cup, and form a waterproof membrane which makes the paper cup water resistant.

10.25-30% colloidal silica added into the glass, high quality borosilicate glass can be obtained

11.Colloidal silica prevent galvanized sheet from rusting in humid environment.

12.Broadcasting Equipment: Colloidal silica can be used as dispersant for kinescope and fluorescent screen due to its good dispersibility and cohesiveness.

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